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Sound Design for visual

To create a soundscape that compliments any given visual is our interpretation of it. On occasions it could take you a step closer to reality, on others it could take you much further away. Therefore each situation deserves to be treated as per its need. We also believe that listening is partly a subconscious activity and it is fairly important to create a well equated audio track just as the visual to heighten the experience. The audio design should ideally be conceived in the pre-production stage of a visual to help maximize its potential on the audience.

A few key components of our sound design services include:

  1. Sync Sound
  2. Voice Dub
  3. Audio effects design & production (SFX)
  4. Multi-channel Mix
  5. Mastering and Transfers
  6. Music Score Design and Mastering

Services are offered in full (turnkey) or could be opted for individually

Sync sound

Location based (shoot) sound recording. The philosophy is to make the audio achieve oneness with the visual. It certainly helps in reducing dub time along with retaining original dialogue deliveries and tones on location. The union of sound and visual, as it was on set, can rarely be matched by later dubbed dialogue, specially the consistency in the emotion of an actor's voice and his/her expression.


Voice Dub

Recording voices or characters in a controlled environment, most often a recording studio with reference or in sync with the visual. The Dub is also used to correct certain imperfections in a sync sound track


Audio effects design (SFX)

Audio effects in sync with the movement in a visual heighten the sense of reality. To give them a perspective of space and time further enhances it. Recording and mixing these sound effects such as: The resonances of a bell or the sonar system of a submarine in an environment, along with their respective ambiences are fine examples.


Re-Recording / Mixing

The multiple components recorded as described above and additionally the music score run concurrently at any given time. The process of giving them a perspective influenced placement is termed as mixing. Mixing could be produced for various formats including Mono, stereo, 5.1 & 6.1(Dolby, DTS).



Each exhibition medium has its requirements and its inherent limitations. For any given audio content to playback at its optimum, it has to be treated accordingly using the appropriate technological device. The process covers a qualitative and qualitative assessment of the content.

Music Score & production

We in M-Idea have been in association with various talented composers to include the music score as part of our services. Depending on the aesthetic requirements of the project: visual or otherwise, could allocate it to an apt composer from our roster. However, if necessary we could also help facilitate other composers that are not part of our extended team as well.

Our ability to work as a team helps integrate an audio track that is not only well administered but also one that seamlessly fits. This helps reduce a considerable amount of resource and responsibility of our clientele.


Stock Audio

M-Idea has a strong foundation in producing various forms of stock audio. Given a short brief or description of the required audio, M-Idea could provide a turnkey solution for custom designed, high volume audio files that include music, sound effects and vocal production. We assure a secure source for high quality content with consistency in service. Further we help facilitate advanced audio search engines and software to avail fingertip access to a comprehensive library of tracks.

M-Idea is also the distributor for Stock audio Libraries including the prestigious Sound-Ideas. Sound Ideas, ON, Canada is the largest publisher of royalty free audio libraries. These audio libraries provide audio-visual professionals the world over fingertip access to a variety of pre-recorded sounds such as ambiences, sfx and music to compliment their visuals at an instance. An acclaimed library from sound Ideas is the “Series 6000 SFX” module, which has been credited for, on some of the greatest soundscapes ever created for film and broadcast. Their catalogue does also include audio from Lucas Film, Universal, Hanna-Barbera, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers.

For further information and recommendations, please do contact us.

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Audio Repurposing

Prerecorded audio content is often used for various purposes including Mobile, internet portals and television. This is done using advanced techniques, software and equipment designed specifically for individual mediums. M-Idea has access to the technology and skill to execute high volume audio content repurposing. Examples of repurposed content include ringtones, episodic audio, caller ring back tunes & interactive voice responses (IVR).


Audio Install Design

M-Idea offers Audio reproduction System Consultation and Acoustic design for spaces. The process includes precise identification of material and equipment for exhibition or production spaces. These include Audio-visual production Studios as well as retail spaces such as Cinemas, Arenas & Retail spaces. With an analytical study of the appropriate skill, equipment and acoustic material necessary, our installations are high in quality, technology, connectivity, equipment and our services are regular, trust worthy and timely.

M-Idea does also assist audio production facilities with their human resource needs. Designing workflow, format optimization techniques and providing clients with trained and qualified engineers to smoothly turnaround the influx of work.


Artist Development

Producing talent by way of Developing and managing performers.

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